Gifts For Boys

Indoor or outdoor, there are lots of fun and cool gift items you can buy for the boys you know. If the boys you have in mind are into music and dream of playing in a band some day, then purchasing a musical instrument would make their holiday season one to remember.

You can get a keyboard that comes with a stand and headphones or you can get a set of drums that even come in eye-popping colors that appeal to tweens and teens. A guitar seems to be the staple in every home band and there are acoustic ones or electric ones available online.

You can find the guitars with or without the carrying case and some already have the amp with the guitar. Add a set of colorful guitar picks as a great stocking stuffer idea. Since boys of all ages enjoy music, whether they play an instrument or not, you can buy them their favorite CDs or a portable music device like an iPod.

If you buy a portable music device, be sure and pick up a gift card that will allow them to download their favorite or new music. The iTunes gift cards let them download songs, or even gaming apps onto their smart phones.

Boys also love to be outdoors and enjoy things like camping and hiking. You can buy sleeping bags, single person tents and other camping gear. Backpacks are great for boys who like to hike.

Water activity and games are two areas that boys love to engage in. For fun on the water, there are one person kayaks. For water sports, there are towable tubes or skis. You can find lots of fun water guns and Nerf items for boys to play with outside, too.

Scooters, skateboards and in-line skates also make great holiday gift items for boys. You can pick up helmets and kneepad accessories at reasonable prices, too. If you know of a specific sports he’s into, grab something for that – like a basketball and hoop, volleyball, or set of junior golf clubs.

If you know boys who enjoy sketching or painting, you can get some really nice boxed art sets that come complete with the acrylics as well as the brushes. If he’s into online graphics, then there are programs you can buy that allow him to tap into his creativity that way.

Books, movies and television DVD sets also make great gifts for boys. Fan sports items like jerseys, autographed footballs or baseballs are also high on a boy’s wish list. Find out who he admires and then try to get a jersey with that person’s name and number on it.

Although not quite in the same fashion that girls do, boys also like jewelry. They like sports watches – and if those watches have team logos on them, the watch will be a big hit this holiday season. Boys also like leather bracelets and some are into the thin camouflage or pirate bracelets.