Gifts For Mom

For that very special woman who watched you grow up, you can make the holidays amazingly special with just the right gift that shows how much you care. Always consider first what it is that your mom likes to give her time to and look for gifts that will fit into that category.

If she’s into collectibles, you can get some fantastic figurines in the shape of angels or couples, famous movie characters and delightful animals. Many of these figurines are also on top of a music box or contained within a globe.

Pajama gift sets will help keep Mom warm and comfortable. These matching, luxurious items can be long or short sleeved and come with pants or shorts. But of course, if your mom prefers nightgowns, you’ll see some really pretty ones online. You can top pajama sets with soft, cotton or terry robes and add some soft, comfortable slippers and socks for her, too.

For moms that like to cook and get creative in the kitchen, there are many cookware sets. You can pick up a cookware set with a lot of accessories – including spoons and spatulas. But you can also get pieces one at time to create a set that’s customized. Gourmet foods and specialty wines will help mom celebrate the holiday, too.

If your mom prefers eating out to cooking, then you can pick up some food gift cards for her favorite restaurants as well as for her favorite sweet shops. Or, have something like Omaha Steaks or Sees candy delivered to her door.

Jewelry is a special way of saying, “I love you,” and one piece of jewelry that touches every mom’s heart is a mother’s ring. You can get these rings with the birthstones of every child, but you can also have them engraved with words that have special meaning.

Jewelry trinket boxes are great gifts to give Mom, but there are also jewelry armoires that come in solid wood with beautiful decorations like flowers hand-painted across them.  You might even surprise her with a beautiful bracelet, pair of earrings, or necklace inside.

Gardening is something that a lot of moms love – and you can create a backyard oasis for her with flowers, miniature trees and colorful potted plants. Indoor gardening is a favorite hobby of some moms, too – so a bonsai present or Aerogarden would be perfect.

Gifts that pamper her and give her a break – like spa gift baskets and foot spas will give her a nice, relaxing day. Or, you can forget the do it yourself spa kits and give her a gift certificate to a local spa of her choice.

Is your Mom an avid reader? How about giving her the new Kindle and a gift certificate so that she can instantly download lots of affordable new books that she can read anywhere? Kindle books are cheaper than paperback in most cases, so you’ll be helping her save money in the long run.