Gifts For Grandparents

For many families, grandparents are the family glue and you want to show how much you love and appreciate all they’ve done by giving them a gift they’ll both really love. Recounting history is something that a lot of grandparents love to do.

They want their kids and grandkids to know about their family and the many traditions and you can help them do this by giving them a Grandparents Journal. This gift will be meaningful to them because every grandparent wants to know they’ll always be a part of their grandchild’s life and now with this journal, they can be.

By recording their best memories, experience, and bits of life wisdom, they can always be around to guide their grandchild. It’s perfect for grandparents who love to write or scrapbook.

With the journal, you might want to consider giving a digital camera so they can also record present day trips, family gatherings, pictures of favorite places and more to include in the journal to share with their families.

Welcome the family into their home with a grandparent doormat. You can get these personalized with the name of the grandparents as well as each of the names of the grandchildren.

Picture frames, especially if you have a family portrait placed inside, make excellent Christmas gifts, too. For keepsakes, there are lovely grandparent couple figurines that they’ll cherish.

For grandparents that enjoy being in the kitchen together cooking up their favorite dishes, there are grandma and grandpa aprons. Or maybe pick out a matching set of coffee mugs, one saying Grandpa and the other Grandma.

Give grandparents a relaxing day out by giving them several gift cards to places they might enjoy. You can give them gift cards to restaurants, movies, museums, local events, coffee shops and department stores.

A web cam so they can interact with family that lives out of state is a great gift idea. Or. If they’re on Facebook, then consider digital cameras with memory cards that can instantly upload photos and videos to share. You can get these with Wi-Fi included.

Another great gift for grandparents are personalized gardening stones. You can have anything put on these – from the names of the family to their favorite quotes. You might put it into a gardening gift basket with some other landscaping tools and lawn art.

Gift baskets that are filled with retro candy from their time in history will thrill them as you bring back a bit of the past. They’ll remember with nostalgia their time as a child and will enjoy introducing their grandkids to candy that was popular back then.