Gifts For Babies

Holidays are such a magical time for babies and there are numerous gifts you can get that are suitable for each age level. For starters, if you have a baby that’s entering the teething stage, then you want to pick up some colorful, soothing teethers.

Lots of babies don’t just chew on these, but play with them as well and it helps them learn hand and eye coordination. While teethers are for smaller babies, if your baby is ready to start walking, you can give the gift of a walker.

These walkers come with lots of activities attached that will keep his interest as he’s learning to balance himself. All the way around, it’s loaded with colorful shapes and buttons and toys that make noise.

Babies also love balls and the balls that will bend and shift are great holiday gifts. These balls have plastic that’s soft, so it’s safe enough for baby to wave around and it comes with an enclosed rattle for sound. Babies love these brightly colored toys.

Another toy that thrills babies are the musical tables. You can get these to sit flat on the floor for babies who haven’t yet mastered walking, but you can also get the ones with legs for babies who are standing already. These toys have activities, songs, games and music.

When it’s time to run errands or take a trip, you want to make sure you have plenty to keep baby entertained. Pick up some take along toys that play tunes or have little interactive sights and sounds he can have fun with.

Simple stacking cups in bright colors are easy toys to slip into a diaper bag so that he can have something to do if you’re waiting at a doctor’s office or visiting a friend. These also help with hand and eye coordination.

For wee little babies, a cute crib mirror is a great gift and baby will love spending time cooing at his reflection. There’s a wide variety of crib toys that attach to the walls of the crib and keep baby entertained if he or she wakes up before Mom and Dad.

When it’s time for baby to take a bath, you want to keep your child happy and engaged with a set or two of bath pals. These bath toys are baby-sized so that he can grasp them easily. They come in bright or pastel colors and are in the shape of cute animals or fish.

For the parent who wants to encourage technical skills, you can get your baby an infant laptop. These gadgets are filled with learning possibilities, and they light up and make sound to keep your child’s attention for more than a split second.

If you want to encourage early reading skills and a love of books, then you might stock up on cloth and soft plastic books that you can read to your child. Some of them are just picture books, but others have words in them.