Gifts For Teenagers

Buying gifts for teenagers can be an exercise in frustration if you don’t plan ahead and know what you need to buy. The key to knowing what to buy is in staying in touch with what teenagers are into and what they think are cool gifts to get.

Electronic gadgets always rank high on a teenagers list and if you get them the latest and greatest in smart phone models, they’ll be extremely happy. Music gadgets like MP3 players are perfect for teens, especially when paired with a set of iTunes gift cards so they can download music and smart phone apps.

One hot item right now is a Bosch PB360D Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio. It emits sound from all directions and it can play CDs, be hooked up to MP3 players, or even play satellite radio stations. Pick up an extra battery and charger for your teen for this, too.

More Christmas gift ideas for teenagers are video games and there’s always a new console coming out just in time for the holiday buying season. You can get the gaming points gift certificates and gaming chairs that vibrate with the action in the game.

The skatecycle is one of the hottest and fastest selling sports toys for teenagers. It’s easy to master and can be used at a skate park or on the sidewalk. Make sure you pick up some safety gear to go with it.

And of course, teenaged girls enjoy getting items that can use for their appearance. For 2012, one of the best-selling gift items in beauty products for girls is the flat iron. The flat iron can give any girl beautiful, straight hair. All flat irons are good at straightening, but the ceramic ones are best for hair health.

Fragrances, especially the ones by her favorite celebrities or pop stars are always great Christmas gifts. You can get one of the popular women’s fragrances, or invest in a gift set for younger teens.

For teenage boys, metal detectors are great if they enjoy the challenge of that hobby. Teenage boys also like racing sets, remote control vehicles and airplanes or helicopters. If you have the budget for it, an ATV would make a gift that any teenage boy would be thrilled to discover on Christmas morning. Model car kits are also good ideas to get for teens.

Sports books and other sports items like baseball cards are good gifts for teen boys if they have a favorite team. You can get a jersey with their name on it or get them an autographed item they can keep forever.

Teens of both sexes also love t-shirts with witty or sarcastic captions or phrases. Sometimes it’s best to let them shop for themselves, so you can give them a gift certificate to their local mall, or let them shop online at a store like where they can find clothes for al occasions.